Brings the power of hourly and minute-by-minute weather forecasts in vehicles, as well as increased situational awareness and safety on the road ahead.

The product and marketing team worked with an external vendor to produce this video. I provided the product layout used in the video.

Weather-related Accidents Per Year






Accidents caused by wet roads

The problem

Most of the newer cars show basic weather info on the dashboard, but it doesn't tell the driver what's coming up along the route. What if there was a way to know the route weather ahead of time which could potentially save lives? Let's look at the following use cases where AccuWeather Go can bridge this gap.

Proactive planning

The driver can see the route weather using the vehicle's mobile app before getting in the car and adjust their day-to-day plans accordingly.

Responsive to real-time needs

Weather forecasts show up within a user-defined radius, and it doesn't matter if the car is stationary, moving, or if there is an end destination defined.

Long drives just got easier

The driver knows the weather forecasts of their end destination but this added feature enhances the driver’s ability to know what's coming up along their route.

Hands-Free Voice Assistants

The driver can simply ask the voice assistant about the route’s weather while driving.

What I did

01. Research

When do we need to alert the driver? How little information can we display on the screen without distracting the driver? Spent hours looking at the existing infotainment systems and patterns currently used to inform the drivers.

02. Design

How can we display weather info on top of a map without breaking the existing map and route features? Solved this issue by adding a dotted line next to the route that shows up when severe weather is impending on the route. Designed all product layouts with a similar awareness towards user norms and patterns.

03. Prototype

For every product iteration, I created clickable prototypes so that we could easily share them with automobile manufacturers and various stakeholders for their feedback. Those were used for presentations and for user testing as well.

Car Infotainment User Interface

AccuWeather Go being platform-agnostic can be placed on any mapping platform. The following layouts are showing examples of Rain, Fog, and Air Quality layers that are placed on a Polestar 2 that’s using Google Android Automotive OS. Other weather events are available as well.

Barebone Product Screenshots

AccuWeather Partners

BYTON announced the partnership with AccuWeather at CES 2020. BYTON produced the image above.

Interaction Example

Marketing Promo Sample

AccuWeather marketing team designed the image above.

Connected Car Framework

AccuWeather Go is a brand agnostic product. Below is another example that I designed based on the third-party connected car framework. I worked closely with the external team to understand their system and designed layouts based on their documentation.

Usability Testing

User testing was one of the core focus throughout the product design and development cycle. I worked with a third-party vendors as well as with the internal research team and created prototypes that met the acceptance criteria.